Morse Mania 5.0 – Light, Vibration and Various Themes!

In order to meet the needs of the majority of users, a few major features have been added to Morse Mania 5.0. They include:

Vibration mode: learn and train the International Morse Code with vibration.
Blinking light mode: learn and train the International Morse Code with blinking light.
Flashlight mode: learn and train the International Morse Code with flashlight.
Various themes from bright to dark (including the dark theme).
– More settings: you can choose the length for vibration after an error and more precise speed settings.
– bug fixes & other improvements.

Haven’t heard about Morse Mania? Read my other post, and try the game out by downloading it from App Store or Google Play Store:

In order to meet the needs and requirements of most users, who contacted me either by email or through Google Play Store review or App Store review, I added some new features to enrich the learning content, facilitate the learning process and enhance the learning experience.

First and foremost, I added 3 new themes so users don’t need to stare at a bright screen to learn all the time. With the Dark, Very Dark and Black Theme, users can use Morse Mania comfortably in the evening before going to sleep. The theme can be changed under “Color Theme” in Settings.


For people who are not used to learning the Morse Code with audio input (although it’s been proven to be one of the most efficient ways), now you can choose the output mode, namely flashlight, blinking light and vibration.

It’s super fun to learn the Morse Code with flashlight either by yourself or with friends, but it uses quite some battery and is not very efficient. Therefore, I introduced a blinking light on the top right corner of the screen. If you are serious about learning the Morse Code, use the blinking light, but of course you can show off to your friends how good you’re at Morse Code by using the flashlight. 🙂

The third option is vibration, which I found helpful and fun at the same time.

In Morse Mania 5.0, the speed of transmission has been changed to be in 1 WPM (Words per Minute) increments and the interface sounds have been changed in 10% increments. In this way, users have finer control over how fast the sounds are played, the light blinks and the phone/tablet vibrates.


That’s about it for version 5. In version 6, I’ll add the ultimate big feature – transmitting (typing) Morse Code, which will help you learn and train how to SEND instead of only decoding Morse signals. I’m sorry to say this but considering the amount of time, efforts and money I invested in developing and updating the app, I’m thinking about increasing the price of the Lifetime Premium from $3 to 4$. Buy it now still for 3$ and enjoy all the future premium features for free!




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Currently there are six apps available on the Android platform, namely Morse Mania, Brick Mania, Color Mania, Country Mania, Hop Mania and Jezz Mania and there are four apps available on the iOS platform, namely Morse Mania, Swiss Mania, Hop Mania and Jezz Mania.

Simply download them and try them out!

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