Morse Mania 4.0 – Ready to master Morse Code?

In order to meet the needs of the majority of users, a few major features have been added to Morse Mania 4.0. They include:

– 9 new levels to learn and train 70+ most popular prosigns, Q-codes and abbreviations
– learn all the most popular prosigns, Q-codes and abbreviations for FREE on the Explore page
– 3 new levels to learn 4 more punctuation marks
smart practicing: custom level is pre-populated with symbols where you made mistakes
– new setting for the volume of the Morse Code sounds
– support for Halmak keyboard layout
– possibility to reset already completed levels and mistakes
frequency (pitch) setting is now free to all users
– bug fixes & other improvements.

Haven’t heard about Morse Mania? Read my other post, and try the game out by downloading it from App Store or Google Play Store:

In order to meet the needs and requirements of most users, who contacted me either by email or through Google Play Store review or App Store review, I added some new features (both free and premium) to enrich the learning content and facilitate the learning process.

First and foremost, I added 9 new levels (level 32 – 40) for users to learn and train 70+ most popular prosigns, Q-codes and abbreviations. Once you click the level, you will see a page with prosigns/Q-codes/other abbreviations, their representations and their meanings. As on the Explore page, you can click them to hear the Morse sounds. When you are ready, click the Continue button at the button and the quiz (training) begins.

If you click the button with a question mark, you can get hints for free; if you click the button with a speaker, you can hear the sound again. On the challenge levels, you have limited tries but don’t worry, you don’t need to pass them to proceed to the next level.

For people who haven’t purchased the premium version of Morse Mania yet, you can click the Explore button on the main page and then the right button (as shown on the screenshot) to learn all the 70+ most popular prosigns, Q-codes and abbreviations for free. The learning process is more or less the same but here you can’t train them conveniently.

Another new feature is smart practicing, which means the Custom page is pre-populated with letters/numbers/punctuation marks with which you made mistakes. Of course you can adjust which symbols you want to practice and how much practice you need with them simply by tapping on them.

The left button means reset while the right one means confirm.

Based on the request of many users, 3 new levels to learn 4 more punctuation marks are added.

In version 4.0 you can adjust the volume of the Morse sounds independently in Settings.  In the previous versions, it was integrated into the system sound setting.

If for some reason you’d like to reset the game and start all over again, now it’s possible. However, please click the Reset button with caution because it will clear all your progress including the record of your mistakes saved for smart practicing on the Custom page.

That’s about it for version 4. I have many ideas for future updates including implementing typing Morse Code, adding an alternative output (flashlight), adding the dark mode and so on, so stay tuned and have FUN learning Morse Code!




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Currently there are four apps available on the Android platform, namely Morse Mania, Brick Mania, Color Mania and Country Mania and there are two apps available on the iOS platform, namely Morse Mania and Swiss Mania. Soon another two games (Hop Mania and Jezz Mania) will be published both on the iOS and the Android platform.

Simply download them and try them out!

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  1. Bill Witte - KL4TQ says: Reply

    Thank you Dong – I’ve found MM a very useful tool for CW practise away from a laptop or a radio. I especially like that it focuses on recognizing sounds rather than parsing characters. living off-grid in Alaska (all solar except for deep winter) I’m focusing on very low power operation and thus turning to QRP CW operations.

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