Dong Digital

Dong Digital is a registered Swiss company (UID: CHE-221.650.067) based in Zürich, Switzerland and is dedicated to developing educational and fun apps both on the iOS and the Android platform.

Currently there are four apps available on the Android platform, namely Morse Mania, Brick Mania, Color Mania and Country Mania and there are two apps available on the iOS platform, namely Morse Mania and Swiss Mania. Soon another two games (Hop Mania and Jezz Mania) will be published both on the iOS and the Android platform. To know more about the aforementioned apps, please click here to read about them or even better, simply download them and try them out!




1. Morse Mania (iOS + Android)

Morse Mania is a fun educational game that helps you master the Morse code while advancing through a number of exciting levels, teaching several new letters at a time.

The app starts with the easiest letters (E and T), moving to more complicated ones, comprised of more sound tokens. Once you master all the letters, it teaches you numbers and other characters, then proceeding to prosigns and abbreviations, words (short, medium, long and very long) and callsigns.

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2. Brick Mania (Android)

– More than 1000 levels!
– Fully works offline!
– Less than 3 MB to download!
– No annoying ads!

Inspired by the classic Atari Breakout arcade but with a twist: 7 different types of power-ups make the progress much faster by rapidly increasing the number of balls you control or their power.

You also need to collect stars (⭐). 3 stars are dropped in each level. Stars can also be used to buy power-ups (bottom-left corner of the screen) for difficult levels.

3. Swiss Mania (iOS)

First and foremost, Swiss Mania is completely free with no ads or paywall. The In-App purchases are just donations.

Swiss Mania is a casual quiz game focusing on questions in various fields about Switzerland. It tests your knowledge about Switzerland and at the same time helps you to learn about the country. I’m a travel blogger so most of the questions are travel-destination-oriented. All the questions were written by me and all the pictures were taken by me. If you like traveling and plan to visit Switzerland, you shouldn’t miss this app.

For more information please read:

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4. Color Mania (Android)

Color Mania is a fun relaxing coloring game with more than a hundred different levels.

– 130+ beautiful levels.
– Full offline support.
– Various settings: sounds, vibrations, animations.
– Dark theme (dark mode).
– Share images with friends.
– Boosters: search, color, explode.
– Collect stars for finishing levels.

The game is completely free without any ads.

5. Country Mania (Android)

CountryMania is a fun educational game that helps you learn capital cities and flags of all the countries on Earth. More than 500 levels of different difficulties with thousands of different questions will guide you through the whole world! Have fun!

– 6 different regions to play in: Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, Oceania or the whole world.
– 3 different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium & Hard.
– 5 different universes to play in (need to unlock them first!) with various traits to make it more challenging.
– 540 different levels in the campaign mode.
– Custom game option where you choose the region, difficulty and the type of the questions.
– Review your mistakes after each level to learn even faster.
– Explore the capitals and flags of the countries to practice for the game.

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