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Hi, dear friends. This is the first app that I developed independently, and inspired by my blog, I decided to make it an interactive quiz game about Switzerland. All the questions and explanation texts were written and edited by myself and all the photos were also taken by me. Please click the link below to try it out and if you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Unfortunately the app is currently only available on the iOS platform (iPhones). Please note, Swiss Mania is completely free and the in-app purchases are just donations.

Swiss Mania is a casual (trivia) quiz game which tests your knowledge about Switzerland and introduces the most popular destinations amongst tourists as well as favourites amongst locals. I’m a travel blogger so most of the questions are travel-destination-oriented. If you like traveling and plan to visit Switzerland, you shouldn’t miss this app.

Here are some features of the game which might be of interest to you.

1. On the main screen:

there are three difficulty levels to choose from depending on your current level of knowledge about Switzerland;

you can disable/enable sound and disable/enable vibration;

you can click the “Contact us” button to ask me questions about the app, click the “More games” button to see other games I developed, click the “Share” button share Swiss Mania with your friends and click the “News” button to read my blogposts about traveling in Switzerland.
2. In each difficulty level, there are at least 10 sub-levels comprising more than 100 questions. In each sub-level, there are 10 questions. In total,  the game features 330 questions.
3. After answering a question correctly, you will see an explanation text, which provides extra information on the subject. Based on my own traveling experiences, sometimes I include some practical tips and advice in the text.
4. From “Medium” difficulty level on, the questions can get quite difficult, but don’t worry. After answering a question incorrectly, you will see the correct answer and an explanation text. Answering questions incorrectly won’t stop you from progressing to the next level.
5. After finishing each level, you will see a dialogue with the number of your correct answers. You can progress to the next level regardless of how many questions you answer correctly. Moreover, you can always replay a level if you want to.
6. By clicking the button with a heart on the main screen, you will visit the donation page, where you can make a donation if you like my work. As I mentioned at the very beginning, the app is completely free and with your support, I can develop more similar apps in the future.

Small Donation: 1 CHF

BIG Donation: 3 CHF

HUGE Donation: 5 CHF

What’s more, Swiss Mania features 330 questions about Switzerland, covering the fields of nature, history, arts, architecture and design, engineering, archaeology, linguistics, religion, geography, biology, transportation and so on, and by playing Swiss Mania, you can see the natural and manmade beauty of Switzerland and obtain practical tips.

With Swiss Mania, you can challenge yourself, learn about Switzerland and get inspirations for your next travel destination while having fun! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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