• Italy
  • Padova (Padua) – The Painted City

    Must-sees: Cappella degli Scrovegni (Scrovegni Chapel, famous for a fresco cycle by Giotto, completed about 1305 and considered to be one of the most important masterpieces of Western art) Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua (one of the biggest churches in the world; one of the most visited places of pilgrimage; one of the 8 international shrines recognized by […]

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  • Pixer Guesser – Guess a logo, artwork, landmark or iconic portrait from a pixelated image

    How well do you know a famous logo, artwork, landmark or an iconic portrait of a famous person? Test it out with Pixer Guesser – an absolutely fun brain teasing game, where all the images are pixelated. Features: an absolutely fun brain teaser designed for travel lovers, art lovers, history/movie/fashion/music lovers and geeks. Challenging but […]

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  • Elements Academy 2.0 – It’s time to master the chemical compounds/molecules!

    What’s new (2.0): – 101 levels and 27 challenges teaching, training and testing 161 common chemical compounds/molecules closely related to our daily life. – learn about the most common usages of the chemicals. – certain premium features of the previous version have been made free. – now 179 levels and 63 challenges in total. – […]

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  • Maritime Academy – Learn maritime signal flags & the International Code of Signals (ICS)

    Features: designed for mariners, travellers, yachtsmen, pleasure cruisers and anyone who enjoys spending time around the waterfront. 104 levels and 35 challenges teaching and training maritime flag signalling and the International Code of Signals (ICS). 6 chapters including Letters, Numbers, Words, Substitutes, Single Flag Meanings and Abbreviations. effective (proven by users with no prior knowledge) […]