Elements Academy 2.0 – It’s time to master the chemical compounds/molecules!

What’s new (2.0):
101 levels and 27 challenges teaching, training and testing 161 common chemical compounds/molecules closely related to our daily life.
– learn about the most common usages of the chemicals.
– certain premium features of the previous version have been made free.
– now 179 levels and 63 challenges in total.
– bug fixes and performance improvements.

Elements Academy is developed to help those who are interested in chemistry and want to quickly and easily remember the most common formulas as well as all the elements of the Periodic Table (symbols, names, atomic numbers and position in the table). The two key teaching and training concepts are progressive introduction and focused repetition. The learning material is categorized into modules and then broken down into manageable units (levels) to ensure efficient learning and training. If you are not particularly interested in the chemical elements or formulas but in improving your memory in general, Elements Academy is also a useful tool.

If you’re more interested in mastering the Periodic Table of Elements, please click here to read my first post about Elements Academy. In this post, I’ll focus on what’s new in the 2nd version.

What are chemical formulas?

A chemical formula is a way of presenting information about the chemical proportions of atoms that constitute a particular chemical compound or molecule, using chemical element symbols, numbers, and sometimes also other symbols, such as parentheses, dashes, brackets, commas and plus and minus signs.

In Elements Academy, a chemical compound/molecule is represented by a formula, a chemical name and a common name, which are followed by a short description. On the Explore page, you can read and learn all of them for free.

What to learn in the Formulas Chapter?

Learning screen for Formula & Common Name mode with the two aspects highlighted

In the Formulas Chapter, you can learn the formulas, chemical names and common names of the most common compounds/molecules, and train and test your knowledge of them. During learning and training, you can see the most common usages of the compounds/molecules as well.

Please note, in each mode, you’ll focus on two aspects of the compounds/molecules only and after completing all the three modes, you’ll certainly master all three aspects of the compounds/molecules.

What are modules?

All the formulas are categorized into 9 modules (according to the elements they contain), for example, formulas containing the elements C, H and O, formulas containing the element Ca, formulas containing the element K, and so on. Similar chemical compounds/molecules are grouped together for easier memorization.

Formula levels and challenges?

Formula levels
Formula challenges

In the Formulas Chapter, there are in total 101 levels and 27 challenges. A level focuses on introducing and training new chemical compounds/molecules while a challenge tests what you’ve learnt. In the learning screen, your chosen aspects are highlighted and in the training screen, you can click the info icon to read about the most common usages of the compound/molecule. In a challenge, you must make less than 3 mistakes to pass it. After finishing all the levels and challenges in the Formulas Chapter, you can get a certificate.

Extra info

  • Continue button: Instead of going through the trouble of choosing the chapter, mode, module and level, by clicking the Continue button, you’ll start the next unfinished level/challenge immediately.
  • Setting Button: Under Settings, you can enable/disable the button sound, correct/wrong sound (when you answer a question correctly or wrong), button vibration and vibration on error.

What are you waiting for? Simply download Elements Academy and try it out!

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