Country Mania 3.0 – Master all the country knowledge with just one game

Country Mania is a fun & educational game that helps effectively learn flags, capital cities, maps & locations on the world map and currencies of all the countries in the world.

What’s new in version 3.0?

Custom levels

In the newest version of Country Mania, you can create your own levels for learning and practice. You can choose:

  • question types (flags -> countries, countries -> capitals etc.);
  • specific countries or regions;
  • how difficult the level should be;
  • number of questions;
  • seconds per questions allowed;
  • number of lives.

Once you’ve designed a level, you can save it to your personal presets to be able to easily reply it in the future. You can also choose one of the default presets created by us.

Please note: when you choose the countries, you can use the tools such as select all, unselect all, search and etc.

Other updates

  • Dimensions: how do you wanna start a level? Question type, difficulty and region, which do you wanna choose first? Configure it to your preference in Settings. The default structure is question type -> difficulty -> region.
  • Device-specific pronunciation of countries and capitals.
  • Interesting Achievements and Leaderboards: did you realise that the names of the Achievements are all famous songs?
  • Search a country/capital on the Explore screen.
  • Better-organized learning materials for more efficient memorization.

How to use the app?

More than 1800 levels of different difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard) with tens of thousands of different questions will guide you through the whole world.


  • Designed for flag fans, geography fans and anyone who wants to learn the basic information such as capitals, maps and currencies of countries.
  • Effective and fun teaching and training method: learn and train first with ease and then challenge yourself with pressure.
  • You decide what to learn: choose from flags, capital cities, maps and locations on the world map, and currencies.
  • You decide which continent to focus on: choose from Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania.
  • Calculated amount of repetition for efficient memorization.
  • Well-designed 1830 levels in three difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard) for mastering all the country information step by step with ease.
  • Feedback after each level including the opportunity to review your mistakes.
  • NEW! Create your own levels for the learning and practice of flags, capitals, maps and currencies.
  • NEW! Customize your own levels (what to learn, which countries and how difficulty).
  • NEW! Device-specific pronunciation of countries and capitals.
  • Explore the countries on your own either continent by continent or all countries at once.
  • Easily configure the game: enable/disable sounds, reset the progress, and more.
  • NEW! Interesting Achievements and Leaderboards.
  • Info screen offers detailed explanation of how to make the most of the app.
  • Choose your preferred theme.
  • Absolutely no ads.
  • Works completely offline.

How to start

Before you start a level, you need to choose what you want to learn (flags, capital cities, maps & locations, or currencies), the difficulty of the levels (see below), and which continent you want to focus on (Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, or Oceania). Of course, if you already have a very good knowledge of the countries, you can choose to mix everything including the learning content and the continents.

Teaching method

The two key teaching and training concepts are progressive introduction and focused repetition. The whole learning material is broken down into manageable units to ensure efficient learning and training. The app is very powerful and might seem complicated at first glance, however, the content of each level is well-thought and well-chosen and the repetition is well-designed. As long as you go through the levels in order, you’ll acquire the knowledge easily and it will persist.


A Hard level of Asian Flags
An Easy level of Asian Flags

The app has 3 difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

  • Easy levels have only 4 options to choose from, and give you 3 lives and plenty of time to finish each level.
  • Medium levels give you 5 options, only 2 lives, and slightly less time.
  • Hard levels present 6 (more challenging!) options for each question, you can’t make any mistakes, and have even less time.

We recommend going through each difficulty mode, from Easy to Hard, unless you have prior knowledge of what you’re trying to learn.


Training screen of European Maps (Easy mode)
Learning screen of European Maps

Each level is designed to teach what you choose to learn (flags, capitals, maps, etc.) of only a small number of countries. Make sure you memorize the information before starting a level.

  • On the Learning screen, what you choose to learn is highlighted while the rest of the information is greyed out. In this way, you know automatically which section of knowledge should be focused on.
  • On the Training screen, a level concentrates on the new knowledge you’ve just learnt, but occasionally questions from previous levels can also appear to make sure you’re retaining the knowledge.

To pass a level, you need to answer all the questions within the time limit. Also, you only have a limited number of tries (mistakes you can make). But don’t worry – if you fail a level, you can retry as many times as you want.

Challenge levels

From time to time you will encounter challenge levels. Instead of teaching what you choose to learn of a few new countries, these levels test what you’ve learnt so far to check if you’re good enough to move further.


Since feedback has been proven vital in effective learning, after completing a level you’ll get some number of stars:

  • one star is awarded for finishing the level;
  • you’ll get the second star for finishing without any mistakes;
  • the third star for finishing in half or less of the time you’re given.

Please note: it’s NOT necessary to collect all 3 stars in a level to move further, but it might be a nice challenge if you strive for a very good knowledge of all the countries in the world.

After each level, you have the option to review your mistakes. Make full use of this function!

Explore screen

The Explore screen (third button on the main screen) allows you to explore the countries on your own.

You can explore each continent separately, or all countries at once.

From version 3.0, you can search a country/capital while exploring.


The Settings screen (rightmost icon at the bottom of the main screen) allows you to configure the game. You can:

  • enable/disable interface sound, vibration on general actions, vibration on error;
  • switch on/off optimized mode (reduce visual quality to speed enhance performance);
  • Dimensions: how do you wanna start a level? Question type, difficulty and region, which do you wanna choose first and which next?
  • choose the theme (Green, Blue-grey, Purple, Dark, Black);
  • reset all the settings/all the progress.

What are you waiting for? Simply download Country Mania and take your time to play and learn. After finishing all the 1830 levels, you’ll certainly master the basic knowledge of all the countries in the world. Let’s get started now!

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