The Italian Riviera – Arenzano

Hello everyone! A relaxing summer holiday in the Italian Riviera? Arenzano is a good choice for you.

I know quite some people haven’t heard of it yet. However, it’s actually quite popular among the Italians.

Arenzano is a coastal town in the province of Genoa, Liguria, Italy. It is very close to Genoa (the capital town of the province).

I stayed here for 3 days and I feel the length is right. It becomes reasonably crowded during summer time as it’s a popular holiday resort for the Italians. However, compared to other seaside resorts, you have have your quietness here.

There are neither famous tourist attractions nor world-famous festivals. That’s why I’m not gonna make a list for you about where you should go, where you can’t miss etc. Book a hotel here and all you need to do here is to wake up in the morning, have breakfast, go to the sea for either a swim or sunbath, have lunch, take a nap, go to the sea again, have dinner, take a walk in the city and go to sleep. In the evening, the weather is especially comfortable. The sea wind is much cooler compared to day time and when you’re walking in the city, you can smell it. No rush, no hurry, just relax and give yourself some free time. In this post I’ll use the space as a gallery and show you how beautiful the sea, the city and how delicious the food are.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Always ask the staff either in the restaurant if you don’t understand the menu (most of them are in Italian). Most of the staff are quite friendly.
  2. There are some parts of the beach, if you wanna enter you need to pay 30-40 Euros for two chairs, one bed, one umbrella and a changing booth. If you don’t need those, you can bring your own things and go to the pubic beach. It might more crowded but you’ll definitely find your space.
  3. Usually don’t take a walk in the city (when its sunny) at noon as it can be really hot.

The Sea

The City

The Food

I hope you like the pictures I showed you above. I’m not a professional photographer and my camera is just a simple camera, so the Arenzano that the pictures show is the real Arenzano. Now it’s already Autumn, but I wrote this post so that you have one more choice planning next year’s summer holiday. 🙂

Have a great time in the Italian Riviera – Arenzano.

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