Food Zürich! – Street Food Festival (2016-09-08 to 09-18)

Hello everyone! Who doesn’t love food and if there is a place in Zürich where an event is taking place for 11 days and it’s ONLY about FOOD, how can there be a reason not participating?

There are so many things going on during these 11 days and imagine yourself running around the whole city just for food. I believe that’s quite special experience.

If you wanna know more about the food festival please click here to view the events of each day and opening time. It’s better if you can plan in advance. There are repeated events each day so pay attention to the events which are only for one day and then you have plenty of time to enjoy the other events during these 11 days.

I’ll take today (2016-09-12) as an example to offer you a glimpse of what the events are like:

  1. Pumpkin Exhibition,
  2. Dampfer-Beiz (if you wanna know more about this event, please click here to read my other post “(2016-09-08 to 09-18) – Food Zürich! – Dampfer-Beiz & Schoggi Art in the Hotel Lobby”),
  3. Crossroads meats our Veggies,
  4. Rübis & Stübis,
  5. Food Couture by Diana Krauss (if you wanna know more about this event, please click here to read my other post “Food Zürich! – Ceviche Tasting Session & Food Couture by Diana Krauss (2016-09-08 to 09-18)”.
  6. Festival de fruits de mer,
  7. Schoggi Art in the Hotel Lobby(if you wanna know more about this event, please click here to read my other post “(2016-09-08 to 09-18) – Food Zürich! – Dampfer-Beiz & Schoggi Art in the Hotel Lobby”),
  8. Chablis Festival,
  9. Smith & de Luma-Winetasting,
  10. Behind the Scenes of Candrian,
  11. Ceviche Tasting Session, (if you wanna know more about this event, please click here to read my other post “Food Zürich! – Ceviche Tasting Session & Food Couture by Diana Krauss (2016-09-08 to 09-18)”.
  12. VINUM Reader Panel – Vini del Trentino, In Seventh Gin Heaven,
  13. Street Food Festival No. 6,
  14. Vier & Eins,
  15. Jam Session – with a Bite,
  16. Running Dinner,
  17. Dinner Under the Stars,
  18. Jazz Tavolata with Joy Amelie.
  19. and many more.

Be careful as some of the events are actually taking place outside Zürich, (it’s still in Zürich canton but kind of far from Zürich city). Also, some of the events are entrance free and for some of them you need to make reservations or tickets online. Anyway, all the information you need to know is on the website I gave above. Don’t forget to check it before you start your food journey. 🙂

I went to the Street Food Festival last night and I think it’s much fun, so next I’ll introduce it in detail to you.


Street Food Festival No.6

How to get there and General info

This festival is located on the grounds of the former freight train station in Zurich. I like this festival because you can not only eat food from different countries and regions but also have fun in the playground.

  1. Address: Ehemaliger Güterbahnhof/ PJZ Zürich, Hohlstrasse, 8004 Zürich
  2. Opening hours: 17:00-00:00 from 8th Sept to 18th Sept.
  3. Entrance ticket: Free entrance
  4. If you want more info about this festival please click here or here (only in german but more detailed info) to check the official websites.

This place is very close to Hardbrücke train station (6 mins walk). However, if you choose the wrong path, it might take 15 mins…… So, when you get out of the Hardbrücke train station, make sure you stay on the east side of the bridge and head south. You will see the lights and lanterns on your left side from the bridge (it’s even more obvious when it’s dark). In addition, Bus 31 goes there directly.

Now Let’s have a look what’s at the festival. When you are in the festival, there are in general two parts, the food stands area and the playground. Just make sure you go ahead straight to the end of the festival and turn back choosing the other path. There are only two paths within the food stands so it not really confusing.

Street Food Stands

There are around 70 food stands serving food from all over the world, from Africa to Europe, Asia to the US, which includes luma, burgers, dumplings, ceviche, takoyaki, empanadas, tacos, Korean soul food, and much much more. I believe you will find something here you’ve never tried and something here you really wanna try.

Tip: make sure you take enough cash with you as food here can be expensive, I bought two pieces of Italian biscuits for 5 CHF. Basically snacks here start from 7 CHF and main dish here starts from 12-15CHF. I’m not sure they accept bank card or not (probably not) but all the people I see are paying with cash. (Some of the food stands are quite busy and it quicker with cash.)

Don’t miss the beer garden if you’re a beer lover. 🙂


It’s quite considerate of the organizer that after eating you can also do some exercise here. Haha, not really exercise, actually it’s more for fun. If you like table tennis, football or mini golf, this is the place for you and also, part of the playground is especially designed for children. If you don’t feel like moving after too much food you can also just have a seat on the chair and relax, maybe looking at the stars? The whole playground is built on the railway and this is also something worth experiencing.

The playground is open from 2. Aug to 18. Sept and Mon-Fri: 17:00-24:00. Sat: 11:00-24:00. Sun: 11:00-21:00. You don’t need to pay for entering and reservation is not needed. At least when I was there, it was not crowded at all. However, as for the mini golf, I’m not sure whether you can rent the golf equipment there or not. (I think you should be able to but maybe you need to pay a fee.)

That’s all about the Street Food Festival. If you are in Zürich before 19. Sept and decide to go and have a look, I hope you eat well and play well. 🙂


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    Thank you! I feel like having participated in the Zurich Food Festival! 🙂

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