Zürich Stadtgärtnerei (City Green House)

Hello everyone! I wrote in my last post two Zürich botanical gardens and I believe you are amazed by the beauty of Zürich new botanical garden (for more info please click here to view my other post “Zürich Botanical Garden (Old and New)”. The garden I’m gonna write about in this post is as beautiful as that one (not as big tho). Which one do I prefer or which one do I recommend more? I really don’t know. All I know is that different people have different opinions. So, after reading these two posts I think you can make your own decision. 🙂

For more info such as address, opening hours and contact info for Zürich Stadtgärtnerei (greenhouse) please click here.

Zürich Stadtgärtnerei is actually not just a garden. It’s actually a “farm”. The main task of the city garden is to grow some 250,000 plants each year for use in public flowerbeds, not forgetting the cultivation of cut flowers as decoration for public events, receptions, exhibitions and congresses. So here, you can actually see large fields of plants unlike the botanical gardens.

The garden is huge but the really interesting places are just a few as a large part of this garden is actually for growing plants for the city. Unless you’re really interested in vast fields with flowers, vegetables or decoration plants, I wouldn’t suggest taking a walk there. However, there might be special exhibition in the fields or closely. You just need to check whether you’re interested or not and follow the signs.

Now I’ll recommend the parts that I find interesting and it takes in total 1-1.5 hours to visit. Please refer to the first picture as I’ll point out the numbers so it’s easier for you to design your route.

  1. 1 – Palm house
  2. 2 – Tropical house
  3. 3 – Sub-tropical house (closed during my two visits)
  4. 5 – Sand garden
  5. 6 – Park

the Sand garden is right next to the Park, with of witch are located outdoors. The Palm house and Tropical house in indoors. Sub-tropical house was closed all the time during my two visits so I guess it’s just in general not open to the public unless there is a tour or exhibition. One tip! When you are in the Palm house, be aware of your surroundings as there are quite some birds, fish, and turtles in the house. If you pay attention, you’ll notice quite some of them.

Just for your information, there’s a cafe outside the Palm house and a flower shop opposite to the Tropical house. Also, there’s an exhibition room right outside the Tropical house and it changes from time to time, if you wanna know more about the exhibition please click here to visit my other post “2016-09-03 Die Lange Nacht der Zürcher Museen – Museum Night in Zürich”.

6 – Park

5 – Sand garden

1 – Palm house

2 – Tropical house

Wondering what tropical forest and palm forest look like at night? This is quite unique experience as both houses close quite early. However, this is possible during museum night. If you are curious please click here to visit my other post “2016-09-03 Die Lange Nacht der Zürcher Museen – Museum Night in Zürich”.

Have you decided which garden to visit? If yes, congratulations. If not, don’t worry, just visit the parts you like in each garden and I believe if you choose in advance, you can spare some time for both of them. 🙂


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