Food Zürich! – Ceviche Tasting Session & Food Couture by Diana Krauss (2016-09-08 to 09-18)

Hello everyone! Let’s continue our journey in the Zürich Food Festival! Today I went to the Ceviche Tasting Session & Food Couture by Diana Krauss. As for the other events please click here about “Zürich Street Festival” or here about “Dampfer-Beiz & Schoggi Art in the Hotel Lobby” to read my other posts.

Ceviche Tasting Session

How was Ceviche Tasting Session? Hmmmmmmm, I’m not…..sure……However, this taught me a lesson, ALWAYS read before what the food is like before you go……So now, I’ll introduce to you briefly what Ceviche is.

According to Wikipedia, Ceviche is a seafood dish popular in the coastal regions of Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Perú and other parts of Latin America. The dish is typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers. Additional seasonings, such as chopped onions, salt, and cilantro, may also be added. If you wanna know more about it please click here to go to the Wikipedia page to know more about it.

General Info

  1. Address: Papa Ceviche, Badenerstrasse 101, 8004 Zürich
  2. Opening hours: Mon – Thu 11h – 24h, Fri/Sat 11h – 02h, Son 16h – 23h (the tasting session is just a one time event but they might have similar events alike, if you are interested please click here to check this restaurant’s official website.)
  3. Contact info: Phone: 044 525 00 80, E-mail: (reservation better starting from 2 people)
  4. For more info, please click here to check this restaurant’s official website.

Tasting Session

In general the environment of the restaurant is nice, especially with the Brazilian background music, and the heat. (Yes, it’s quite hot there and I don’t know why……) However, I have to say, the dish is really not my type…… In general, all the food is cold, fishy(some of the dishes) and raw raw raw……I read the there is record showing that food similar to Ceviche already existed 2000 years ago, you can imagine why it is raw.

At first, the restaurant served some kind of drink, which was used to marinate the raw fish with spices, after the first sip…… I knew this journey won’t be pleasant……after that, they served different kinds of ceviche, among which I think the white fish with onion and passion fruit is acceptable. At least it’s not that fishy. After the first dish, my friend and I decided we will share just one portion and yet, we couldn’t finish it. It looks kind of awkward when you leave to much on the table so I put the raw fish on the bread, pretending it’s sushi and finished some more. After the third, we plucked out courage and left.

All the description above is just my own opinion and experience, and this is partly my fault as I didn’t read what ceviche is. However, I can assure you if you enjoy raw fish, this is a goof restaurant as I saw many people chatting, laughing, enjoying the food and asking for more. Everyone has a different and if it’s not my restaurant it doesn’t mean it’s not yours. Don’t be afraid of or blinded by my description above as the core to my problem is that I don’t eat raw fish, now you can imagine how much I “suffered”. If you enjoy cold, saw fish marinated in spices like lemon, lime, onion, scallion, coriander, passion fruit etc., I think you’ll enjoy this restaurant “Papa Ceviche”. 🙂

 Food Couture by Diana Krauss

This is a photo exhibition featuring food waste in the bar of Platzhirsch Hotel. Again, this is like “Schoggi Art in the Hotel Lobby”. If you are especially interested in Diana Kraus and her photos or you are passing by, you should go in and just have a look around. I’m nor sure whether it’s worth it or not to particularly plan a trip there. However, I must say, the bar is a very cosy place, and it would be a nice idea to spend some time there with friends. Of course, the photos are inspiring and unique. (The photos reminded me of Lady Gaga wearing meat clothes during a concert…)

General Info

  1. Address: Platzhirsch Hotel & Bar, Spitalgasse 3, 8001 Zürich
  2. Entrance fee: Free entry
  3. Opening hours: 8th Sept. – 16th Sept, 12:00-00:00
  4. Contact info: Phone: +41 44 250 70 80 (07:00am till midnight). E-mail:
  5. For more info concerning the bar and the hotel please click here to check the official website.
  6. For more info concerning Diana Krauss and her works, please click here to check the official website.

The Exhibition

I hope the information I provided is useful and you enjoy yourself in the Zürich Food Festival. 🙂


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