• Germany
  • Mainau – a flowering island in Lake Constance

    Since last autumn I’ve been thinking about going to the Mainau Island, but because of the season and my allergy of pollen, I postponed the trip again and again. This year, my friend visited the island in May and sent me some pictures of the Butterfly House and I couldn’t wait anymore. In fact, it […]

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  • Italy
  • The Italian Riviera – Arenzano

    Hello everyone! A relaxing summer holiday in the Italian Riviera? Arenzano is a good choice for you. I know quite some people haven’t heard of it yet. However, it’s actually quite popular among the Italians. Arenzano is a coastal town in the province of Genoa, Liguria, Italy. It is very close to Genoa (the capital town of the province). […]

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