Emoji Mania – An absolutely fun emoji quiz game

Emoji Mania is a fun and family-friendly quiz game for all those who are creative and interested in deduction. With 1500 attentively-crafted questions in 150 levels, it will certainly keep you entertained for quite some time. Of course, more questions are being added for future versions.


  • 1500 questions in 150 levels
  • Categories include movies, books, songs, sports, celebrities, fictional characters, countries & landmarks, companies, foods & drinks, idioms and many more
  • Easy levels to prepare you for more difficult levels later
  • Help buttons (Hint, Reveal, Remove, Solve) to help solve the puzzle
  • Choose where to type by clicking an empty answer block
  • Get 100 coins immediately for free when you start the game
  • Earn coins by solving puzzles and rating questions
  • High quality emoji pictures
  • Use the “share” button on the keyboard to ask friends for help
  • No forced ads! You choose to watch an ad to earn coins
  • Frequent updates for adding questions & bug fixes
  • Works offline

How to play

In each level there are 10 questions and in each question, you will see one or a few emojis. Based on the meaning of the emojis, you need to guess what they represent. Please note, sometimes the meaning is very literal, for example, the “fire” emoji means “fire”. However, sometimes, especially in difficult levels, the meaning needs some interpretation and guessing (for example, the “fire” emoji can also mean “burn” or “hot”).

After typing your answer with the given letters, your answer will be checked against the correct answer. If you’re right, you will move to the next question and if you are wrong, you’ll see a message. Don’t worry, there are no limited lives so you can try as many times as you want. Please note, you must finish the current question to go to the next questions and all the questions in the current level to the next level.

Choose where to type

Different from many emoji quiz games, in Emoji Mania, you can choose where to type. For example, if you already know what the second word is, you can type the second word first, which removes some letters and makes the game easier for you. All you need to do is click on the empty answer block you’re sure of and start typing.



In the game, in particular in the more difficult levels, you might need some help and there are four types of help available.

  • Hint: It will give you an idea of what the answer is about. For example, the answer might be a movie, a book, a song, an artist, a fictional character, an idiom, a phrase and so on.
  • Reveal: It will reveal a correct letter in the answer blocks.
  • Remove: It will remove all the letters which are not in the answer.
  • Solve: It will reveal the answer at once.
  • Trash bin button: It puts back all the letters you’ve chosen for the answer blocks (but not the ones revealed by the Reveal button).
  • Friends button: It will take a screenshot of the current screen and you can share it with your friends either to ask them for help or to show them how interesting the puzzle is.


Once you download the game, you’ll get 100 coins for free. Coins can be used for the four help buttons and can be earned by answering and rating the questions. If you want to earn coins faster, you can either purchase them or watch ads to get them for free. Please note, you need internet to load the ads and sometimes the loading takes some second so you might not be able to watch the ads immediately one after another.

What are you waiting for? Simply download Emoji Mania and start having fun!

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