Green Smoothie – Healthy Start of the Day

Hello everyone!

Today I’m gonna reveal the secret drink that I drink every morning! For me, it’s healthy, nutritious and of course delicious. It’s easy to make at home and the ingredients are easily accessible in basically any supermarkets. Now I’ll tell you how to make it in 5-10 mins. 🙂

First of all, the ingredients (suggest amount for 2 people):


As you can see, we need:

Milk (500 ml) — You can choose either full milk or half-fat milk or non-fat milk

Avocado (half)

Banana (one)

Honey (one table spoon)

Spinach (80g) — You can replace it with Kale or other green vegetables you like

Nuts (one handful)


I always use mixed nuts including cashew, walnut, almond and hazel. If you are alert to nuts or you don’t like some kinds of nuts just don’t add them. 🙂

After we get all the ingredients, cut the banana into small pieces (or just use your hands) and you can use a spoon to softly “dig out” the avocado.

Tips: Choose ripe and soft avocado so it’s easier to “dig out” and the texture of the smoothie is smooth. 🙂  If you use hard avocado, by the end you’ll taste that avocado and milk are not really well mixed and you can feel tiny avocado bits (which is not really very tasty to me).


Now, we need to add the ingredients into the mixer. 🙂


First add milk and then banana, avocado, honey, spinach and nuts.

Tips: The sequence of adding them doesn’t really matter but there has to be liquid at the bottom the then the soft ingredients. Otherwise, if you add the hard nuts first, the mixer might get stuck and won’t work.

Also, add honey before spinach so you can use spinach to wipe clean the honey left on the spoon. 🙂

At last, just start the mixer. (don’t forget to add the cover, you remember in the TV show “Friends” Joey didn’t add the cover and the juice flew up to the ceiling? 😀 I don’t think that would really happen but just in case. :))

My mixer has a Quiet Smoothie button so I just need to press it and it stops automatically after 2-3 mins. If you don’t have such a button I don’t think you need to switch it to high power. You can just wait and see till there’s basically no bits of vegetables left and the liquid is sticky. There might be bits of nuts left but it happens from time to time and I think it’s normal.


Now you can just sit and enjoy. 🙂

Since it has avocado and banana and nuts, you can also take it for a day trip as energy drink. However, don’t keep it too long in hot weather. It goes bad easily.

Last but not least, don’t forget to wash the mixed as soon as possible, or you can just put water in. If the smoothie gets drink, it’s definitely a headache to clean it then.

If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me using the Contact me button on the up-right-corner. Bon appetite!

Green Smoothie – Healthy Start of the Day was last modified: September 5th, 2016 by Dong

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  1. 早早 says: Reply

    I will definitely try this!!! Love this color and all the ingredients~ (师父牛油果三明治的也可以来一篇哈哈)

  2. Dong says: Reply

    也对哦,等我过两天写一个 :).

  3. Kristina says: Reply

    Hi! I tried it! It was amazing! Very good consistency and really healthy! Especially in the mornings 🙂

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