2016-08-27 Limmatschwimmen (Limmatswimming) – Or Should I Call It Limmat Floating?

Hello everyone! How do you usually explore the old town of Zürich? By foot? By tram? By bus? By car? Or by boat? Close enough! But have you ever thought about by swimming?

Yes! That’s the Limmatschwimmen! And remember this is your only chance as generally it is forbidden to swim in Limmat except today!

Don’t worry if you are not a good swimmer. Not a lot of people actually swim. 🙂 Most people just float and flow with Limmat river and enjoy the blue-green water, the sun and the old town. On your way to the destination, you’ll see the Grossmünster church, Frauen church, the Town hall, Central, Zürich main train station, the National museum etc., while you are “swimming”! What a unique experience!

If you wanna participate next year’s Limmatschwimmen please click here for more info. 

It says on the official website that all the information will be available from July, 2017 for next year’s Limmatschwimmen. The event should be on 19th August, 2017 and might be postponed to 26th August depending on the weather.

As for the price, there are basically 3 catalogues:

  1. you go and swim with your own waterproof bag (around 20CHF)
  2. you go and swim with your clothes etc. transferred to the destination by boat (around 33CHF)
  3. you go and swim and get a new Limmatschwimmen waterproof bag. (around 40-50CHF)

I don’t really remember the prices but you can check before they start selling tickets. Also! Most importantly! Sit right in front of the laptop when it starts selling the tickets. I was told by friends that online tickets were sold out within 2 hours last year and within one hour this year. Of course there are also many ticket sales points all over the city, but still, better to be early to line up. 🙂

Now for those people who can’t really swim…… Can we participate?

Well, actually I could swim a bit and with helping equipments it’s definitely not a problem to stay in the river. Besides, they always give you some kind of floating animal before you get in. Last year it was a turtle and this year it was some kind of fish with wings (another reason to participate as they look sooooo cute lol). However, I asked the customer service twice and both answers were no.

Swimming helping equipments, including the small ones which you can put on around your arm, are forbidden and they say it is definitely not recommended to participate if you can’t survive in water. And, after all this, they told me: “But, you can watch……” I know it’s definitely less fun to just watch but life is more important lol.

I hope I have provided some useful info and maybe see you next year in Limmat (if I will be able to swim next year). 🙂



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