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  • Milan – Pinacoteca & Biblioteca Ambrosiana (3/3)

    In my previous post, I introduced to you in detail Leonardo da Vinci‘s “Portrait of a Musician“, Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis’ “Lady with a Pearl Hairnet“, and Jan Brueghel the Elder‘s “Vase of Flowers with Jewelry, Coins and Shells“. For the fans of Leonardo, I also talked about Il Vespino‘s copy of the master’s “The Last Supper” and Salaì, whose life […]

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  • Leonardo da Vinci. Drawing the Future

    1. Why visit the exhibition? To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death on 2nd May 1519, the Royal Museums of Turin is hosting an exhibition called “Leonardo da Vinci. Drawing the Future” (Leonardo da Vinci. Disegnare il future). As a huge fan of Leonardo, I went to Turin immediately. Here are some reasons why […]

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