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  • Coca Cola Chicken Wings

    Hello everyone! Today I’m gonna explain to you how to make an appetizer which is called Coca Cola Chicken Wings. I put it in the category of “Chinese Dishes” but I’m not sure whether it’s Chinese or not because we didn’t have Coca Cola until recently I guess. I read from the Coca Cola history that […]

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  • Spicy and Sour Potato Shreds

    Hello everyone! Long time no see in my Food section. Since I started writing about food recipes, my friends are always asking me, you don’t cook Chinese food anymore? Well, actually. it’s kind of difficult to buy all the ingredients to cook an authentic Chinese dish, even in Asian or Chinese supermarkets. However, for some […]

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  • Garlic Bread – Easier and Better Than You Can Imagine

    Hello everyone! I, myself, love garlic bread and I know a lot of people also do. However, is it difficult to make it at home? Surely not as I just made it in 20 mins. 🙂 The good thing about garlic bread is,that it can be used in various occasions. First of all, appetizers, of […]

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