Autumn in Zürich or Zürich in Autumn?

Hello everyone! This post will be more like a gallery for the photos I took during the weeks when it’s autumn in Zürich. I will mention the names of the parks, gardens or mountains I was at before the photos as well as the path I took, for example, from where to where. Cloudy or sunny, day or evening, garden or mountain, keep in mind that it’s the whole Zürich in autumn that is amazing, not certain parks, gardens or mountains. You will always find beauty maybe on your way to work, or to shopping. Look up and down, closer and further, sometimes what you see and feel can never be reflected on photos.

Anyway, I just hope my photos can give you a hint of where to go if you’re lost, but I believe when you see the photos you will realize, “Ah, I see them everyday, I just didn’t pay attention!”

1. From Irchelpark to Zürichberg


2. From Schindlergut to Beckenhof

3. Uetliberg

4. Universität Zürich Irchel Campus, Garten Eden (Milchbuck)

5. From Rennweg to Bürkliplatz

6. Bahnhof Enge

7. Rieterpark

8. From ETH Hönggerberg to Oerlikon Bahnhof

9. Around Oerlikon Bahnhof

10. Sihlpost

11. Seeuferweg (close to the Chinese Garden and along the Zürich lake)

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