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  • Harder Kulm – Top of Interlaken

    Interlaken, a city I’ve passed numerous times but only got the opportunity to explore during my most recent travel. In this post, I’ll first introduce to you the Harder Kulm – Top of Interlaken, and then I’ll talk a bit about my holiday there. 1. Harder Kulm 1.1 How to get there 1.1.1 Hike 1.1.2 […]

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  • Switzerland
  • Säntis – The Mountain

    Hello everyone! This Sunday I checked the weather report and decided to go to this mountain – Säntis 2502m). To be honest, I’ve never heard of this mountain before seeing it in the UBS mountain offer, which is a really good advertisement for the mountains in Switzerland. I would really call this day, as my […]

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