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  • Bellinzona, Ponte Tibetano Carasc & Moenera

    Hello everyone! Today I’m gonna introduce to you the capital of canton Ticino in Switzerland – Bellinzona. There are direct trains going there from Zürich HB and it takes only 2 hours 16 mins. 1. The city and its three castles The town lies east of the Ticino river, at the foot of the Alps. […]

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  • Säntis – The Mountain

    Hello everyone! This Sunday I checked the weather report and decided to go to this mountain – Säntis 2502m). To be honest, I’ve never heard of this mountain before seeing it in the UBS mountain offer, which is a really good advertisement for the mountains in Switzerland. I would really call this day, as my […]

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  • Männlichen & the Royal Walk

    Hello everyone! In my last post I wrote about the Mountain Schynige Platte and after it, I continued my journey to Männlichen, which is not a heavily advertised mountain actually, and I only read about it on the SBB website because Sbb has 30% discount for the cable car to and from this mountain. The […]

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  • Zermatt & Rothorn Paradise

    Zermatt The town of Zermatt lies at the southern end of the Matter Valley, which is one of the lateral branches of the great Valley of the Rhone. Zermatt is almost completely surrounded by the high mountains of the Pennine Alps among which Monte Rosa, Switzerland’s highest peak at 4634 meters above sea level. It […]

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